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Other Ways To Measure Progress- Besides The Scale

10 Aug

“But, I’ve been working so hard and haven’t made any progress!”  “Why am I gaining weight if I’m eating healthier and working out?” “Is this even worth it or working?”  It can be incredibly frustrating when you feel like you’re putting so much time/effort into something and the scale just isn’t budging. Since I revealed my weight earlier this week and discussed how we often label ourselves based on “our number”, I’ve been thinking a lot about other ways we can measure and track our progress besides the scale.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the amount of effort you put in equaled the results you saw? It might not be equal, but there is definitely some level of correlation between your effort and your progress towards becoming a healthier person. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways you can track this progress besides the number on the scale—which we all know is affected by so many things.

Tape Measure

Tape Measure for tracking body measurements. Lose those inches! (Photo credit: incurable_hippie)

Here are a few of my favorite ways to see success:

  • Measurements: Every month, I take my body measurements and track them on a website (but even an excel spreadsheet would work). It’s so nice to see those inches coming off even if my scale tells me otherwise. I use a vinyl measuring tape for this and it works perfectly.
  • Clothes: Dig into that closet! Are your clothes fitting better? Are they literally falling off of you?
  • Photos: Many people take pictures regularly (in the same outfit, location, pose, etc.) and compare them side by side. This is a great way to really see the changes in your body.  Every month or would work for this, you won’t see much/any change from one day to the next but over stretches of time you can definitely see a difference.
  • Energy & Emotions: Is your energy level higher? Are you generally feeling happier and better about yourself? This is a highly underrated way to track your progress in my opinion.  If you’re feeling better—isn’t that so much of what this journey is all about?
  • Workouts: Your fitness milestones are another way to track how you’re doing. Are you running faster or further? Are you getting stronger? Are you able to do that workout with more intensity? This all speaks to your improved fitness level—stamina, strength, cardiovascular health, etc.
  • Other Indicators: BMI, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, etc.: If you’re numbers driven, another great way to see how you’re doing is by regularly monitoring other parts of your health like blood pressure and cholesterol. Work with your doctor to determine how often you should be testing these.  They might be able to help you with goal setting and any other health measurements you might want to monitor—like for me; my A1C measurement is a huge indicator of my progress.

Do you track your progress using any of the above methods? Are there any others you use that I might have missed? I’d love to hear them!


The Big Reveal: My Weight

6 Aug

Yesterday, I posted that I am ready to reveal my weight. I find myself avoiding pressing “publish” but know that I need to do it in order to stay accountable to myself, and to you!

So– here it is. I’m 5’1″. (Disclaimer: my drivers licence says that I’m 5’2″ but that’s really not true. Maybe I’ll grow someday? Probably not. Anyway, I like being little for the most part. )

High Weight: 200  (approximately– I stopped weighing at one point. This was about when I was diagnosed with Diabetes in the summer of 2010)

Starting Weight: 162 (I started my TurboFire program about 3 weeks ago at this weight)

Current Weight: 157

There, I said it. I have no idea what my goal weight is, but this is where I am now.  Good news is I can feel my body changing already. My clothes are fitting better already and I start week four of TurboFire today. I am anxious to see results but I know that it will take time and I am ready to put in the hard work for this life change.

Your Weight Is Not A Label

5 Aug

In 5th grade, our class was huddled in the gym during Physical Education (“P.E” as we all called it). We each took turns on the scale—a few yards away from the rest of the group; but, you know everyone was readily sharing their results like a badge. That’s the first time I really remember being labeled by that number.

I was 108 pounds.

I was immediately self-conscious and was only slightly comforted at the fact that one of the most “popular” girls in class admitted to me she was around my number. I think a lot of us still label ourselves with our weights. We let it affect our self-esteem, the way we carry ourselves, and even the clothes we wear.

All of this to say, I think I’m ready to reveal my weight on here. I’m switching my weigh in day to Monday’s and am also currently out of town (coming back Monday afternoon). I will try to use the scale at my dad’s house and hope that it is similar. If it seems to be, I’ll report in tomorrow with my results. Otherwise, it’ll be a day late this week. But, I have to admit, as much as I can preach about not letting the number on the scale control you—I’m a little nervous about revealing it. It feels like something intimate. Something I don’t want to share with the whole world.

But, it’s time to be honest with myself and with you.  Tune in tomorrow (or maybe Tuesday, depending on the scale situation) when the truth is revealed. Ohhhh that sounds so ominous.