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FIRE Drills: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

25 Jul

One thing is for sure– HIIT drills are not for the faint of heart. They let you push yourself harder than you thought you could go. And, as the familiar adage goes– when you push your body out of your comfort zone that’s when you begin to see change.

Let’s back up for a minute. What is this HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) non-sense? As some of you know, I’ve started TurboFire. At the heart of the TurboFire workout series are Fire Drills.  When the siren goes off, that’s when you k now you’ll be working at the utmost intensity for the next 30 seconds to a minute. At the end, you’ll be kindly rewarded with 30-40 seconds of rest as recovery time (but, don’t you dare stop moving!). According to the wikipedia on the subject, usually HIIT cardio sessions last between 9-20 minutes. The HIIT workouts in the TurboFire series seem to follow that, so far.

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It also is supposed to give you the following benefits: improved fat burning and increased glucose metabolism. (If you’re interested in reading more about HIIT and it’s relationship to Type 2 Diabetes, I’d highly recommend the article at Precision Nutrition which you can find here.) I like how that sounds.  In fact, Chalene Johnson often says during the videos that you burn 9x the amount of fat. I’m no expert so I certainly don’t know about that, but I do like the challenge. I also like how much bang for your buck in terms of time that you get. We all try to cram so many things in our day– but can I really not find 15 minutes for one of these workouts? Even I, master of excuse making, have trouble with that one. So, I do. And by the way, you’ll feel so good when it’s over.

Have you ever done a HIIT workout? What did you think?


My Sugar Levels After Exercise/TurboFire Day 1

15 Jul

One thing I love about working out (and trust me, I don’t particularly love working out) is that it makes me much more accountable about my food intake for the rest of that day.

Why would I want to eat this giant piece of chocolate cake after I just worked so hard?

Devil's food cake with vanilla bean icecream.

Devil’s food cake with vanilla bean icecream. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I’ll tell you why. My sugar levels go crazy after I exercise.

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Sneak Eating… It Still Counts!

14 Jul

As long as I can remember, I’ve been sneaking that extra piece of candywhen no one was watching.

After all, if no one saw you eat it, then it didn’t count, right? Somehow, when left un-examined, that made sense to me.

But, the truth is, that extra goodie matters.

But why should it matter? It that moment, there’s nothing I want more than that sugar rush.

I need to be accountable to me.

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Yes, I Have Diabetes

14 Jul

I promised myself I’d be up front about this, even though I like to deny it (to myself). But, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of this project? That’d be a shame, since it’s barely even started.

I am five feet-one inch tall (or short, would probably be more accurate. I’m okay with that. I like being little). I weigh somewhere between (too many) and (too too many) pounds. I’m a former two sport Varsity athlete. I’ve always ate somewhere in the middle, I think. Not the healthiest, but not the worst.

And I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at Age 22.

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