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Sneak Eating… It Still Counts!

14 Jul

As long as I can remember, I’ve been sneaking that¬†extra piece of candywhen no one was watching.

After all, if no one saw you eat it, then it didn’t count, right?¬†Somehow, when left un-examined, that made sense to me.

But, the truth is, that extra goodie matters.

But why should it matter? It that moment, there’s nothing I want more than that sugar rush.

I need to be accountable to me.

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Yes, I Have Diabetes

14 Jul

I promised myself I’d be up front about this, even though I like to deny it (to myself). But, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of this project? That’d be a shame, since it’s barely even started.

I am five feet-one inch tall (or short, would probably be more accurate. I’m okay with that. I like being little). I weigh somewhere between (too many) and (too too many) pounds. I’m a former two sport Varsity athlete. I’ve always ate somewhere in the middle, I think. Not the healthiest, but not the worst.

And I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at Age 22.

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