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Starbucks Treat Receipt: Deals & Caffeine all in one

3 Aug

I’ve posted before about my love for Starbucks Iced Coffee (mmmm!) and yesterday I shared with you all how much I love saving money.  So, I felt absolutely compelled to share that for the month of August Starbucks is issuing “Treat Receipts.”

Starbucks Treat Receipt August 2012 & Gold Card

As my receipt reads, “Make any purchase before 2 p.m. then show your receipt after 2 p.m. same day to get any cold Grande drink for $2 + tax.”  Did you say any cold Grande drink, Starbucks? Yes, yes you did! That means I can even get my beloved skinny vanilla latte that usually costs me way more than $2 if I splurge on a special occasion. This is great news. (You’ll also see my gold rewards card in the photo above. Proof that Starbucks is my one expense I can’t seem to bring down. Especially in the summer– iced coffee is such a weakness for me. In the winter my Starbucks spending goes down significantly since I make coffee in the Keurig at work.)

Except, you might remember a few weeks ago for That’s it! Thursday’s, I gave up having more than one caffeinated beverage a day. So– I’ve gotta remember to tack on “decaf”  iced skinny vanilla latte to that order this afternoon. I’ve been doing great so far with this and I don’t want to end my streak now! That’s right, Starbucks, you won’t get me with your tricky discounts and schemes!

What’s your favorite Starbucks (or other coffee joint) beverage?


That’s it! Thursday: 7/26 Caffeine Loving

26 Jul

I love iced coffee. Give me a Starbucks Grande iced with one pump of sugar-free hazelnut any day of the week.  But, I do I really need that caffeine?  We’ve all been warned of the negative side of a caffeine addiction. And, while I’m trying to increase my water intake, I think it’s time to also be more conscious about what other drinks I’m consuming.

For today’s That’s it! Thursday, I’m cutting down to one caffeinated beverage a day, max. I think I like the taste more than anything else. So, why not order that iced coffee decaf? Or better yet, replace it with some ice water? Okay, who are we kidding. At least in the beginning it’s going to be decaf.

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case you need a reminder as to what those negative effects of caffeine can be: there’s been a lot of discussion about whether or not it can be linked to higher blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. But, in my mind at least one negative affect is for sure– you can get some crazy caffeine dependency. Many of us know this all too well. We’re reliant on coffee to wake us up in the morning or that soda to pick us up mid afternoon. And, if we don’t feed into it, we’re bound to have a killer headache. A disclaimer is that many factors effect how your body handles it: body mass, medications, anxiety, age, and other medical conditions. In particular, if you’re pregnant or have gastrointestinal problems, you’ll want to avoid the caffeine. If your worried about how your body reacts to caffeine, talk with your doctor.  I’m not saying that I’m avoiding caffeine all together, just being more cautious about how much of it I’m consuming.

I’m also giving unsweetened almond milk a try. I’m a little nervous about it. It’s been sitting in my fridge for a few days now and is still unopened. But, now that I’ve posted it here… I’ve got to try it. Maybe in my decaf coffee.

Are you hooked on caffeine? What’s your favorite caffeinated beverage?