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Sushi: A Healthy Option?

25 Aug

This afternoon, I enjoyed some delicious sushi from a local Japanese restaurant. Sushi is one of those things that can be healthy, or it can be loaded with unexpected calories you might not have expected. I read that one shrimp tempura roll can have over 500 calories! Here’s a few tips to help you pick healthy and importantly, delicious sushi.

Tuna Roll and Alaska Roll from Matsu Sushi in Astoria

-Ask for Brown Rice: It has more nutrients than the usual white rice found in sushi rolls. Whether you’re getting brown or white rice make sure you’re conscious of how much rice there is total. A roll can add up to quite a bit—it can be deceptive!

-Sashimi’s a good option: You won’t have to worry about the rice at all, and it’s still completely, utterly delicious, I promise.

-Avoid tempura and anything with cream (Spicy Rolls!): Rolls drizzled with mayo or containing cream cheese significantly increase the fat level. And, that tempura might be delicious but it’s still deep-fried, even if we call it by a fancier sounding name.

-Careful with that soy sauce: It is absolutely loaded with sodium. You can ask for lower-sodium soy sauce, but it still has a ton. Use sparingly. Miso is also pretty high in sodium.

-Order a side of steamed veggies or start your meal with edamame: If those rolls aren’t going to fill you up, munch on a side order of steamed broccoli rather than some of the other greasy options that might be on the menu (fried dumplings, I’m looking at you)!

-Don’t be afraid to ask: If you’re not sure if soy sauce or tempura flakes, for example, were used in the preparation of your roll, ask your restaurant.  Also, watch out for sugar based sauces—if you don’t ask, you often wouldn’t have known it was there.

-Split it with a friend: If there’s a roll that you’re absolutely craving and you know it isn’t the best option, try to split it with a friend and order a healthier option to enjoy along with it.

Do you like sushi? What’s your favorite kind?