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That’s it! Thursday: Do You Have To Take That Short-Cut?

23 Aug

One of the great things about living in NYC is the vast amount of walking you do on a daily basis simply due to the fact that you live here. My apartment is a ten minute walk to the subway- just under a mile. So, I walk at absolute minimum 2 miles a day. But why do I find myself cutting through a parking lot to make my walk shorter?

Do I really need to get there that little bit faster? Am I truly too lazy to walk around the parking lot instead of diagonally through it?

I hadn’t really thought about it. But, this morning on my way to work a light bulb went off. It doesn’t make any sense to be working out and trying to incorporate more fitness into my life, but yet keep taking short cuts on my regular routes. I was completely doing it out of habit!

Therefore, for this That’s it! Thursday, I’m going to work on being more conscious of “lazy” habits that I’ve developed—and no longer cut through that parking lot. I can totally walk around it and build up those extra steps. Every little bit helps!

How do you try to incorporate fitness into your everyday life? Park in the back of the parking lot? Do calf raises at your desk at work? I’d love to hear!


I’m in Trouble: The Melt Shop Grilled Cheese in NYC

1 Aug

Uh oh. Yesterday, I noticed a new place is opening up across the street from my work. Eagerly, I walked over to check it out. It’s going to be a Grilled Cheese store called “The Melt Shop”. What! I love grilled cheese! Who told them I was trying to be healthy and then placed a delicious, gooey, cheese and carb filled goodness so close?

Their website claims it serves “hand crafted, extra cheesy, super delicious comfort food” and the “best grilled cheese on the planet.” Looking at their menu it certainly looks that way. They have everything from a truffle melt, buttermilk fried chicken grilled cheese, to classic grilled cheese with tomato soup and an arnold palmer. The Melt Shop will also be serving breakfast… yum.

Grilled Cheese with hoisin

Grilled Cheese with hoisin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then, I thought, at least they don’t have milkshakes. Nope. Wrong again. My other arch-nemesis appears on the menu. Flavors include: cookies and cream, coffee crunch, peanut butter & jelly, vanilla maple, orange creamsicle, and my absolute favorite chocolate peanut butter.

Now, my only hope is that this Melt Shop is really bad. Or, somehow doesn’t open. Maybe I can convince myself that it doesn’t exist.

Do you like grilled cheese? What’s your favorite kind? With tomato? ham? classic?

Catalpa Music Festival in NYC: The Black Keys & Dancin’ the Night Away

29 Jul

Yesterday, my sister and I went to Catalpa Music Festival where the oh so lovely The Black Keys performed. Despite the rain, the energy was high and it was quite the experience. Music Festivals like Catalpa tend to attract a really interesting crowd of people, and even just walking laps around the festival grounds (exercise!) and seeing the sites, so to speak, was fascinating.

The Catalpa Stage early in the day

They had a “Taste of New York” going on with lots of local food stands around. Everything from Crumbs Bakery, delicious local pizza, tacos, falafel, and much more. And, of course, lots of beer. There were three stages as well as some interactive exhibits. The reggae stage was always a lot of fun and we saw a couple of other bands that put on some good shows. Umphrey’s McGee and Hercules and Love Affair are two that stuck out for me. We totally rocked out to TV on the Radio and then waited anxiously for the Black Keys who went on from 9:30-11pm. We were right on the front row just a little to the side, and were able to see pretty well despite being so short. Their set was fantastic. They played a good mix of “oldies but goodies” as Dan (lead vocalist and guitarist) put it and some hits from their most recent albums.

The Black Keys perform at Catalpa on July 28th

I know you’re probably thinking what does this have to do with accountability? Well, I’ll tell you.  We all know life is short. You have to do the things you enjoy. For me, that’s dancing to The Black Keys on a rainy Saturday summer night in New York City. Ohhhh yes.

Restaurant Week NYC Riverpark: A Tom Colicchio Restaurant

21 Jul

One of my most intense memories from after my diagnosis was in a grocery store. I remember vividly wandering up and down the aisles mentally clinging to each item that I was convinced I’d never taste again. Brownies. Pretzels. Pancakes. the list went on and on. While I was right in thinking that my eating habits had to change, I was wrong by thinking that all these things had to be eliminated from my life all together. And, I do occasionally indulge. The thing is, instead of having a half dozen bagels or a whole box of cookies, I can have half a whole wheat bagel with natural peanut butter or an agave sweetened cookie.

Last night was one of those nights that I let myself “enjoy” a little more than usual. It’s Restaurant Week in NYC and my boyfriend and I took the opportunity to try out Tom Colicchio‘s restaurant Riverpark.


It’s right on the East River with stunning views and usually would have been out of our price range. Instead, for $35 per person we each got an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. All generous portions and absolutely delicious. I started with a grilled calamari salad (baby greens, grapefruit and a vinaigrette), enjoyed a Berkshire pork chop (with grilled peaches, collards, and cippolini onions, pictured above) as my main, and finished with the most delicious caramel ice cream and peanut caramel chocolate tart. I also had a glass of wine and ended with a great cup of coffee to go with dessert. It was an all round amazing meal and overall experience.

And, I don’t regret it at all. I enjoy food. I especially enjoy good food. (Who doesn’t?) I know this was a special occasion and today I’m right back to eating healthy and working out. I’ve learned that I need to treat myself occasionally or else I end up burning myself out and binge eating. I’d rather eat one amazing, high quality meal then a box of oreos. I think the difference is that one is a conscious decision, and the other is mindless eating– which I’m trying to eliminate completely.

How about you– do you ever let yourself indulge? If so, what’s your favorite way?

That’s It! Thursday: 7/19 Meal Planning

19 Jul

That’s it! Thursday is going to be a regular feature here where I highlight and commit to one change I need to make in my life. It’ll  be something I finally say “That’s it!” to and will regularly report back on how I’m doing with my former That’s it! Thursday Features. I think this will push me out of my comfort zone and help me to stay accountable to myself and my goals.

So this week it’s bye bye to take out and hellloooo meal planning!

Greek Salad

Don’t get me wrong, living in NYC the take out options are unbelievable. Nutritious and relatively inexpensive take out and delivery options are totally available. I’m not going to cut them out completely. But! I am going to sit down each weekend and plan out my meals for the week to come. If I want to order a Greek salad with grilled chicken from the great restaurant down the corner on a Tuesday night, that’s totally fine. But, there’s not going to be any spur of the moment ordering here.

Here begins my meal planning journey. Delicious. Cheaper. Slightly more effort, for sure, but absolutely worth it.

Do you plan your meals? Any tips or tricks?