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How To Find A Good Doctor For You

27 Jul

What I look for in a doctor, might not be what you look for in a doctor. Besides areas of expertise, some of us what our doctors to have a certain type of personality or bedside manner. Some want to chat for 15 minutes before the exam starts and others are in and out the door before you even knew they were there. How do you find the right doctor for you? It can seem a bit intimidating; after all, as I’ve told you all before Doctors scare me silly.

It’s like any relationship. It can come from an introduction from a friend, family member, of colleague. It can come from chance. Or, in today’s society, it’s increasingly more likely that it’s coming from the internet.

I personally found mine through ZocDoc.com. Here, I was able to research all the doctors under the specialty I was interested in– that accepted my insurance none the less! I could explore their background, certifications, research, and areas of expertise. And, my favorite part of all, is that I could see many reviews from patients who had been to see that doctor. Once I found a doctor that I thought would be a good fit, I could then schedule an appointment with them directly on the website and fill out all registration forms online in advance of the appointment. How cool is that? I’m all for less time waiting (and stressing) at the office.

Conversation between doctor and patient/consumer.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, here’s the important part. If it turns out that the doctor you go to see isn’t the right fit– you need to keep looking. It’s absolutely crucial that you find a doctor that you are able to trust, work with, and that you feel comfortable with. I think I probably drive my endocrinologist crazy. But, he calls me if I’m trying to ignore my lab results and helps me stay accountable. Which we all know is what I need. He apparently gets that too!

Do you have a doctor you really like? How did you find them?