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That’s It! Thursdays: I Am Not Scared Of My Diabetes

9 Aug

“Our medical records indicate that you may have diabetes. And it’s up to you to manage it. If you don’t, the consequences can be serious and life threatening.

No joke. That’s the first line of the letter from my insurance company that I came home to last night. Really? Is that supposed to motivate me to get healthier? To sign up for their “Diabetes Control Program” that they say is a personal health campaign?

Maybe some people. But not me. I’ve never been very motivated by fear, or threats, for that matter. All the POSITIVE things that can come about from me becoming a stronger, healthier, and happier person are what gets me moving. By making myself a priority and understanding my current health status and future goals, I can move forward.  Fear makes me freeze in place. It paralyzes me. It makes me feel like what I have is a death sentence. But in reality, I know it isn’t. For me, my diagnosis was a second chance– a reality check if you will.

“Get Healthy” Diabetes Threat Letter from my Insurance

And really, don’t you think I already know that when not managed diabetes can have terrible consequences?  Is this really supposed to be some sort of eye-opener for me?  Not quite. Everyone knows that.

But what many people don’t know is that when managed, a person with diabetes can live a healthy, happy long life.  If this letter started with that– maybe tempting me with learning better ways to be successful instead of threatening me to be compliant, I could have potentially taken it seriously. Instead, I find it almost insulting. Don’t worry though. I’ll make today a good day– I’ll work out, eat healthy, take my medicine, and check my blood sugars. I’ll be a model of good health. Not because of you, though, insurance company. Because of me. For me. For my loved ones. So, for this That’s It! Thursday, I’m focusing on the positive results I can have by managing my diabetes well– rather than the negative things that could come about should I decide not to take care of myself.  I need to focus on my goals and how to achieve them. That’s how I’ll move forward.


Do I Love My Blood Sugar Meter? Or Hate It?

28 Jul

That depends on what reading it’s giving me!  It’s easy to blame the little machine rather than hold myself accountable for what I did (or didn’t do) that’s causing the number I’m getting.

Today, I’m going to Catalpa Music Festival on Randall’s Island here in NYC with my sister. And, of course, with my trusty meter (it comes with me everywhere).

Blood glucose meter and testing strips

Blood glucose meter and testing strips (Photo credit: DeathByBokeh)

So, I’m going to leave you a link to an article that I was interviewed for earlier this year: “Exploring Our Love and Hate Relationships With Glucose Meters” by Amy Stockwell Mercer and posted on DiabetesMonitor.com. I highly suggest you check it out! And, check back in tomorrow for my weekly results and maybe even some fun tips about surviving a music festival.

Are you all doing anything great today? Whatever it is, I hope it’s fantastic!

The Non-Medical Costs of Diabetes

17 Jul

I recently read a study in NPR called “Diabetes Economic Toll Goes Far Beyond Medical Bills.” As many of you know, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at Age 22, so this article certainly hit home.  It goes on to detail the many ways that the increasing number of people with Diabetes has a huge financial impact on this country– not only with medical expenses but also even goes on to say “young people diagnosed with the disease are [5-7%] more likely to drop out of high school and [8-13%] to forgo or fail to finish college.”

The stats they provide are definitely alarming. Though, for me, what’s jarring isn’t the focus of the article– which says that the increased number of dropouts is estimated to cost society $7 Billion to $11 Billion Dollars.

A kit used by a woman with gestational diabetes.

But instead, why are these young people dropping out at such higher rates?

I have a few theories, but would love to hear what you think.

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