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Accountable Monday: On a Tuesday

28 Aug

Sorry for being a bit late with this post. I did weigh in yesterday– and saw 154.

That’s one pound down, and given that it’s the time of the month and I wasn’t very good last week, I’m very pleased. I’m still doing TurboFire until I get my hands on my friend’s Insanity, but am really having trouble with motivation.

I’m also due for taking measurements in the next few days so I’m hoping to see some good progress there as well. I’m about 7 weeks into my lifestyle change (and this blog) and am trying hard to keep it a routine- a balance- and not burn out/give up.

I have to remember that I’m doing this for so many reasons, and I can’t give up.

I can’t give up on myself. It simply cannot be an option.

End melodramatic post… sorry about that.


Accountable Monday: Weigh-in Results & TurboFire Month 2 Beginnings

20 Aug

Good Morning! Monday is weigh-in day around here, and today I saw 155.

That’s one pound down since last week and 7 overall since the start of TurboFire. I’m quite pleased.

Month 2 of TurboFire has been off with a bang. The workouts are longer than last month’s on a whole, and there are none of the HIIT workouts on the horizon. My endurance is building but I’m still struggling through the longer workouts. I did something funny last night, apparently, and my left lower back is not so happy today. I’m going to have to take it a little easier until that goes away but I’m going to make sure I’m still getting my heart rate up.

English: SAN DIEGO (Sept. 3, 2009) Fred Fusili...

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Additionally, my lovely SO who certainly has nothing but the best of intentions gave me a “tip” today after I stepped off the scale that my weight loss results would be better if I didn’t eat so much crap. True, yes, but my diet has significantly improved and I’m trying to make this a lifestyle change. I know that if I cut out everything I’m craving it will not be sustainable. I’m cutting down on those indulgences not eliminating them completely.

Maybe I won’t lose weight as quickly as I would if I were eliminating anything remotely unhealthy from my diet. But, I’m proud of the progress I’m making and am looking forward to finding ways to still enjoy life but be more mindful and healthy as I do so.

Never Been So Happy To Schedule A Doctor’s Appointment!

15 Aug

I’ve posted before about the following: 1) I hate going to the doctor 2) I have a doctor I really like that I found through ZocDoc. So, you can imagine my distress when I went to schedule my regular appointment with my doctor to see his page had disappeared all together from ZocDoc!

I, being the worrywart (with a flair for jumping to the worst-possible conclusion) decided he must have left the practice or even the left the City and I’d have to start from scratching finding a new doctor. I was immediately worried I’d get a doctor that’d make me take insulin and pills to lose weight, disregard all my wishes, and make me cry regularly. (Yes, I cry at the doctors. I can be such a baby– I’m so sensitive!)

Figuring I’d call the office first thing in the morning just to be sure– I nearly jumped out of my seat when his page was back the next morning! Phew!

Image representing Zoc Doc as depicted in Crun...

ZocDoc Website (Image via CrunchBase)

So, I’ve got my next visit scheduled: September 27th at 8am. I’m hoping to lose a few more pounds by then and that my blood pressure and lab work all come back showing significant improvements.

It’s now been two years since I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. My health is still improving, but I know I’ve made vast strides since then. In the next few days I’ll be posting about my last two years living with Diabetes so be on the lookout for that.

When’s your next Doctor’s appointment? Do you have any goals you want to reach before then?

Accountable Monday: TurboFire Month 1 Results & Weigh-in

13 Aug

Yesterday, I posted about my thoughts of the first month of TurboFire. Notably, however, I left out my weight loss results– which I’m sure many of you were eager to see. I know I was.

I started TurboFire on  at 162 pounds on July 15th, 2012.

As of today, August 13th, 2012, I weight 156 pounds.

That’s six pounds down!  

Of course, it’s not as much as I would have liked. (Got to love those unrealistic expectations and lofty goals!) But, I know I’m well on my way and moving in the right direction. I’m building muscle, getting stronger, and I’m sure I’m loosing inches along the way. Measurements in a couple of weeks will tell me for sure.

My goal was 15 pounds by the end of TurboFire on November 4th– that’d make me 147…. 9 to go! That feels do-able. I like breaking it down it more bite-sized goals like that.

Did you weigh in this week? How were your results? What are you going to do this week to make it even better?

TurboFire Month 1 in Review

12 Aug

I just finished my first month of Turbo Fire and I’m incredibly proud of myself for getting into the routine and pushing beyond my comfort zone. I thought now would be a good time to reflect on the first month of the program and my thoughts and results so far.

I haven’t done the program absolutely perfectly (switched some days around, etc.) but have completed each of the sessions prescribed for the last month within the month time frame. I’ve been conscious of my food intake, though not perfect. I’ve also significantly increased my water intake which I’m happy about but still working on.


Beachbody (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Changing it up: I love how the workouts change regularly and you’re never doing the same thing two days in a row. This was a problem I had had with other programs like 30 Day Shred. I haven’t gotten bored with the routines yet because they’re challenging (keeps me on my toes physically and in terms of the choreography) and all different.
  • Increasing Intensity: I’m also really liking that there are always way to improve on the same workout as you get stronger: jumping higher, push harder, etc.  The level of intensity you bring to the workout really changes things so the workouts can increase in difficulty as your fitness level increases as well– so they’ll keep being challenging!
  • Sculpt & Tone: So far it seems like she’s throwing in one sculpt/tone strength building class a week. I almost wish they were more frequent as I really enjoy them and feel the burn from them. I’m loving the resistance bands and again– they provide a way to keep the workouts challenging as you can always increase your resistance level for the workouts.
  • Stretch: I don’t love the stretch portions. For the days that the Stretch 10 or Stretch 40 aren’t scheduled, it does’t seem like the workouts on their own provide enough before/after stretching. I’ve been doing more on my own in order to prevent any possible injury. The Stretch 10 is okay, but I get bored of it quickly. Stretch 40 I have a lot of trouble getting through so I’ve been doing a lot more stretching on my own. I’m familiar with a lot of stretches due to all the sports I played growing up, so I guess I think I have down a routine that works well for me.
  • Cast & Production: I don’t really love the cast– primarily you only see the three on stage and I wish it was reversed so you could see the rest of the group like in some of the other TurboJam videos. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing because they’re zoomed in on Chalene. Chalene is tolerable– but I don’t seem to love her as much as some people do.


  • Clothes are fitting better: My stomach is definitely flatter and that’s always been my biggest trouble spot.
  • I’m getting stronger: I swear to you I surprised myself at work the other day when I realized how strong my triceps were getting! My muscles are responding– I even got a compliment on how muscular my calves are the other day.
  • My endurance is growing: I still have trouble with the longer workouts, but I’m getting there. I can see the progress and I know I’ll only get better if I keep pushing myself regularly. I still prefer the HIIT workouts though!
  • Weight/Inches lost: I weigh in tomorrow so we’ll see what the number looks like then and inches in a couple weeks, but I am pleased with the progress I’m making so far and am excited to see where it will go from here.

Bring it on Month Two!

The Big Reveal: My Weight

6 Aug

Yesterday, I posted that I am ready to reveal my weight. I find myself avoiding pressing “publish” but know that I need to do it in order to stay accountable to myself, and to you!

So– here it is. I’m 5’1″. (Disclaimer: my drivers licence says that I’m 5’2″ but that’s really not true. Maybe I’ll grow someday? Probably not. Anyway, I like being little for the most part. )

High Weight: 200  (approximately– I stopped weighing at one point. This was about when I was diagnosed with Diabetes in the summer of 2010)

Starting Weight: 162 (I started my TurboFire program about 3 weeks ago at this weight)

Current Weight: 157

There, I said it. I have no idea what my goal weight is, but this is where I am now.  Good news is I can feel my body changing already. My clothes are fitting better already and I start week four of TurboFire today. I am anxious to see results but I know that it will take time and I am ready to put in the hard work for this life change.

Goal Setting & Rewards: Weight, A1C, Inches…

30 Jul

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about setting distinct goals and rewards for myself as I move forward on this journey. I think it would be helpful to help give me benchmarks to strive for and ways to celebrate.  There are multiple schools of thought about whether or not people should set milestone rewards for themselves when it comes to weight loss. Personally, I don’t see these as motivators. I don’t see them as incentives. I see them as rewards– plain and simple. Celebration for a job well done and for accomplishing what I set out to.

Speaking of which– goals are another story all together. I haven’t yet figured out what my long term goal weight is. I have goal A1C’s for my blood sugar, which I set with my doctor. I don’t have goals for inches as I’m not sure exactly where I will feel most comfortable. That leaves me with short term weight loss goals, which I’m okay with.  Now, we all know that goals are supposed to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Bound.  I have trouble with the time bound part.

So far, I have the following goals planned:

  • Lose 15 pounds by the end of 3 months of TurboFire– Sunday, November 4th.
Polar heart rate monitor
Polar heart rate monitor (Photo credit: ario_)

And the following rewards:

  • Ten pounds down: Heart rate monitor (I’m hoping for a nice one, like a Polar).
  • Fifteen pounds down: Professional 1 hour Massage and a special weekend Bed & Breakfast getaway.

Do you set goals or rewards for weight loss? If so, what are they?

Accountable Sunday: Week 2 TurboFire & Results

29 Jul

This past week didn’t go exactly as I planned, but I certainly got my body moving and have been feeling like my energy level has increased.

I worked out five days this week– with the sixth day a ton of walking (but no TurboFire).  TurboFire has been kicking my butt and I start week three today. I’m hoping to stick to the schedule they give a lot better this week as well as perhaps start tracking my food intake. I haven’t been doing that as in the past when I did, I got a little too obsessed. I’m beginning to get the routines down better which helps me up the intensity. I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to them yet, but hopefully I’ll get there.

Weight wise, I lose 1 pound this week (the pound I gained last week). I’m going to be taking measurements (once a month, maybe?) to help me have another way to measure progress and make sure I’m moving in the right direction.

Details about my exercise for the past week is below the cut. Later tonight, I’ll post about music festivals as I promised yesterday! For now, I’m off to bring my sister to the bus. I hope you all had a great weekend!

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Accountable Sunday: Week 1 TurboFire & Results

22 Jul

Time to look on the week that’s passed and to plan for the week ahead.

I made it through week one of TurboFire. I did six days (with the one scheduled rest day) as planned– mixing up the order a bit based on how much time I had that day to work out. Week one workouts vary in length from a 15 minute high intensity interval training to longer 55 minute cardio workout. I’m proud of myself for sticking it out even when it was the last thing in the world I wanted to do. I also ate better than usual and upped my water intake.

Weight and height are used in computing body m...

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Unfortunately, my weight went up. I’m a little frustrated, but I know that a million things come into play with what shows up on that scale. So, I’m just going to keep on going. I know working out and eating healthy is the best thing I can do for my body right now and eventually the weight has to go down, right? Going from not working out at all to such an intense workout might have my body in shock. Or something. I’m not going to get worked up about it yet. Hopefully next week is better!  I have to remember, the scale is only one way to measure progress and I know I’m moving in the right direction (even if the scale said otherwise!). Have you ever gained after you started working out?

Today, we went to see The Dark Knight at the theaters. Tips on how to make your trip to the movie theater as healthy as possible to come tomorrow, so check back for that. More detail about this weeks workouts can be found below:

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