Lifestyle Change: Taking Care of Myself Overall/Essie Marathin

18 Aug

I’m currently sporting a pretty pink Essie nail polish color called “Marathin”* which previously would have been totally out of character for me. Coincidentally (or not) it’s from Essie’s new fall 2012 “Yogaga” collection. I have no idea why they have a Yoga themed nail polish collection. The collection includes names like Spinning Again, Pilates Hottie, and Gym Dandy. Most of the colors are pretty soft and muted, but I’m telling you, this pink is out of my comfort zone. My fingers are screaming, look at me! (At least in my mind.) Which is the complete opposite of what I’m usually trying to do—which is hide.

Ever since I’ve been taking better care of myself—eating healthier, drinking more water, exercising regularly (you know the drill), I’ve been doing lots of other little things that I had let go by the wayside.

Marathin from Essie’s Fall 2012 Yogaga Nail polish Collection

I never really wore much makeup; but now, I’m taking 2 minutes in the morning to look in the mirror. I’ve gotten manicures and stopped biting my nails. I’ve worn headbands more than once.  It’s not that I’m becoming consumed with my appearance. I’m just making myself a priority again. I’m letting myself feel beautiful and confident.

For so long, I just wanted to blend into the background so no one would look at me. And for me, that was a way to be less accountable. If I hid behind my “lazy” I didn’t have to face reality—I felt like I could just “disappear” and all would be okay.

Most importantly, I’m learning/accepting that it is okay to feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin.

*Disclaimer: I don’t want to be thin, I want to be healthy and fit.  I wish they named it Marafit!

Are your nails painted? If so, what color are you currently wearing?


One Response to “Lifestyle Change: Taking Care of Myself Overall/Essie Marathin”

  1. Nel August 19, 2012 at 1:31 pm #

    I’m currently sporting a muted pink called 2% Milk (it was a super cheap Wet ‘N Wild shade). I like soft shades: my nails look more polished but chipping doesn’t show. I’ll branch out and try a brighter shade on occasion, but I like the understatement of a soft pink.

    I have a tendency not to care what I look like when I’m busy and stressed. A an offhand comment from a friend a couple of years ago challenged me to think more about how I look. She said that other people have to look at us when we go out, so putting effort into how we present ourselves isn’t just for us, it’s for others. I don’t want to be focused on what others think, but looking nice is a way of being considerate to others. I also find that I’m more productive when I know I look nice. If I wear a nice outfit and makeup, I feel less like a slob and act less like one too.

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