Restaurant Week NYC Riverpark: A Tom Colicchio Restaurant

21 Jul

One of my most intense memories from after my diagnosis was in a grocery store. I remember vividly wandering up and down the aisles mentally clinging to each item that I was convinced I’d never taste again. Brownies. Pretzels. Pancakes. the list went on and on. While I was right in thinking that my eating habits had to change, I was wrong by thinking that all these things had to be eliminated from my life all together. And, I do occasionally indulge. The thing is, instead of having a half dozen bagels or a whole box of cookies, I can have half a whole wheat bagel with natural peanut butter or an agave sweetened cookie.

Last night was one of those nights that I let myself “enjoy” a little more than usual. It’s Restaurant Week in NYC and my boyfriend and I took the opportunity to try out Tom Colicchio‘s restaurant Riverpark.


It’s right on the East River with stunning views and usually would have been out of our price range. Instead, for $35 per person we each got an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. All generous portions and absolutely delicious. I started with a grilled calamari salad (baby greens, grapefruit and a vinaigrette), enjoyed a Berkshire pork chop (with grilled peaches, collards, and cippolini onions, pictured above) as my main, and finished with the most delicious caramel ice cream and peanut caramel chocolate tart. I also had a glass of wine and ended with a great cup of coffee to go with dessert. It was an all round amazing meal and overall experience.

And, I don’t regret it at all. I enjoy food. I especially enjoy good food. (Who doesn’t?) I know this was a special occasion and today I’m right back to eating healthy and working out. I’ve learned that I need to treat myself occasionally or else I end up burning myself out and binge eating. I’d rather eat one amazing, high quality meal then a box of oreos. I think the difference is that one is a conscious decision, and the other is mindless eating– which I’m trying to eliminate completely.

How about you– do you ever let yourself indulge? If so, what’s your favorite way?


3 Responses to “Restaurant Week NYC Riverpark: A Tom Colicchio Restaurant”

  1. Nel July 25, 2012 at 9:55 am #

    I read the book Diabetes Burnout shortly after I was diagnosed and the author advocated the same approach towards food. I’ve found that knowing I can have dessert or pizza or fries sometimes makes it much easier for me to say no most of the time! I generally save that sort of stuff for special occasions–a party, a holiday, a visit from my parents.

    Right now, the tricky part about eating is that I live on a college campus and eat in a cafeteria. We just outsourced our food service, so we’ve got a ton more options, some healthy and some not so healthy. I try to focus on the healthy things I like instead of the unhealthy things I like. And I also find turning my back to the dessert bar to be helpful! When I do get a dessert in the dining common, I cut it in half and try to make the rest of my meal low-carb. So far, so good.

    • SweetAccountability July 25, 2012 at 10:17 pm #

      I’ll have to pick up that book. The limited food options must be really frustrating, but like you said focusing on healthy options that you do enjoy makes it a bit easier. Is it a mandatory food plan? I remember when I lived on campus we had a sort of forced-plan where you had to have a certain number of meals and a lot of the food options weren’t all that healthy. I’m glad to hear you’re able to make it work for you!

      • Nel July 26, 2012 at 8:30 am #

        We don’t really have meal plans. All meals are included in a set room and board charge. I think they’re working on changing that though. There are actually plenty of healthy things to eat, it’s just that fresh salad greens don’t look quite as tempting next to a chocolate cupcake!

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