That’s It! Thursday: 7/19 Meal Planning

19 Jul

That’s it! Thursday is going to be a regular feature here where I highlight and commit to one change I need to make in my life. It’ll  be something I finally say “That’s it!” to and will regularly report back on how I’m doing with my former That’s it! Thursday Features. I think this will push me out of my comfort zone and help me to stay accountable to myself and my goals.

So this week it’s bye bye to take out and hellloooo meal planning!

Greek Salad

Don’t get me wrong, living in NYC the take out options are unbelievable. Nutritious and relatively inexpensive take out and delivery options are totally available. I’m not going to cut them out completely. But! I am going to sit down each weekend and plan out my meals for the week to come. If I want to order a Greek salad with grilled chicken from the great restaurant down the corner on a Tuesday night, that’s totally fine. But, there’s not going to be any spur of the moment ordering here.

Here begins my meal planning journey. Delicious. Cheaper. Slightly more effort, for sure, but absolutely worth it.

Do you plan your meals? Any tips or tricks?


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